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The Unwritten Rules of Office Politics

“A third (33%) of UK workers cite office politics as a major contributing factor to feelings of unhappiness in the workplace, according to new research from leading recruiter Adecco.” This is an alarming statistic. Any professional jumping into a new company, they are faced with a myriad of challenges. Interestingly enough, majority of these challenges won’t be to do with the work itself, but rather the growing pains of adjusting to a new political and organisational environment. More specifically, the unwritten rules that make up the culture and fabric of the company. Alex Fleming, Managing Director at Adecco, said: “A good office dynamic is crucial


Three Ways to Make a Great First Impression

High-Quality Written Communication Today, it is almost impossible to go into a meeting without knowing a little bit about the other party. Whether it is through an e-introduction through mutual contacts or through primary research online. At the developing stage of relationship building, you want all your digital collateral to represent your quality image. Your counterpart is going to make up their mind about you based on your documents, based on your website, based on the email exchanges. You must ensure these reflect you, the company and business in your best light. Some key questions to ask yourself beforehand if you are an entrepreneur, do you


Parenting Girls for Negotiation Success in Life

Written with Harvard Professor Francesca Gino. How do we raise females to foster confidence, particularly in negotiation, by breaking cultural and societal stereotypes and leading lives and careers equally aligned with their male counterparts? Boys and girls are informed early by their parents’ behaviors, with important consequences for their future attitudes and choices. For instance, research by HBS Professor Kathleen McKin and colleagues has found that women raised by working moms end up having higher incomes than women whose moms stayed at home full time as parents serve as role models and shape their children’s expectations about gender roles. And men raised by working mums


How Women Can Demand a Higher Salary

This article was originally published in the Financial Times When I was hiring a procurement manager for my team, I asked one of the finalists what she expected to be paid. She said €65,000. I stayed silent. A few seconds later, “I can accept €62,000,” she said. After another pause, she added: “It should be no less than €60,000”. The use of silence is a negotiation tactic to get the other person to tell you the reasons for their requested salary. I did not expect that she would drop her amount twice within seconds. This experience is not unusual and there are times when women


Four Practical Ideas: How to Negotiate Your Salary (London Business School Review)

(Written with Anna Johnston, London Business School). This article was originally published on London Business School Review   No matter what your gender, negotiating your salary is a true art. But women have added social and cultural barriers to contend with. Giuseppe Conti explains how to get the compensation you deserve Women are only now earning the amount that men did in 2006, data from the WEF's 2015 ‘Global Gender Gap Report’ shows. Incredibly, the forum says it will take another 118 years to close the gap. What if more women asked for that all-important wage increase? Could it serve as one solution to a much bigger issue? Barriers


Framing your message for a successful negotiation

(written with Prof. Suzanne de Janasz. This article was originally published on the Huffington Post) Imagine you need a new set of headphones. Your daughter strongly suggested you buy the ones from Beats. As you go to a website, you see the following options: Beats Solo priced at 129.99 dollars and rated 6 out of 10 Beats Studio priced at 219.99 dollars and rated 8 out of 10 Which ones would you buy? Imagine the same scenario, but this time the website gives you three options: Beats Solo priced at 129.99 dollars and rated 6 out of 10 Beats Studio priced at 219.99 dollars and


The Art of Timing in Negotiation

(written with Prof. Suzanne de Janasz) Planning a trip to Italy to discover some Renaissance paintings? You better plan at least three months in advance if you want to see Leonardo's Last Supper in Milan, as there is a huge waiting list. What contributed to make this painting a masterpiece? Leonardo's technical mastery and innovative painting techniques are certainly key factors. There is an additional element that differentiates this painting from the many others that depict the Last Supper. Other artists chose to capture the moments during that night with the deepest religious significance, such as the blessing of the bread or the washing of

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