9 Ways to Avoid a Negotiation Stalemate

Having navigated through countless negotiations in my professional career in Procurement, there are a number of go-to moves that I have picked up to catalyse the different stages of the deal I was working on. These tips work great in…

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Timing is an Artform in Negotiations

(written in collaboration with Dr. Suzanne de Janasz)   Planning a trip to Italy to discover some Renaissance paintings?   You better plan at least three months in advance if you want to see Leonardo’s Last Supper in Milan, as there…

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Gandhi and the Power of Priming

As I just returned from an amazing trip to India, I would like to start with two general knowledge questions to you:   Was Mahatma Gandhi older or younger than 30 when he passed away? How old was Mahatma Gandhi…

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Extracting Information From The Other Party

We try our best to be prepared before a negotiation: gathering information from suppliers, internal departments, potential alternatives, public resources are just among the few. Unfortunately, there still will be question marks and unknowns that need to be addressed to…

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Three Crucial Steps to Help Build Rapport

Back in the 19th century, Great Britain had two popular prime ministers, Disraeli and Gladstone who were competing with each other for political supremacy for over 30 years. The journalist Jennie Jerome, Winston Churchill’s mother, interviewed both of them. When…

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Femmes: les clés pour savoir bien négocier

Publié sur la revue Bilan en Septembre 2017. Entretien par Myret Zaki, redactrice en chef.   Le formateur Giuseppe Conti explique comment les femmes peuvent surmonter les blocages, facteurs culturels et stéréotypes pour devenir des négociatrices hors pair.   Giuseppe Conti est directeur…

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Women & Negotiation: The 4 Best Steps to a Raise

On a global basis women are paid 15‐25% less than men. On average the gender pay gap is 16.4% in Europe, 17.9% in the USA, and up to 36.6% in South Korea, according to the latest OECD report.  Clearly discrimination accounts for…

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3 Social Pressures That Shape Our Decision Making

We’re in the midst of a global epidemic. COVID19 is directly affecting millions of people, the markets are making immense turns and shifts to combat the impact the disease can make on our health and economy worldwide. We are seeing…

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Applying the Priming Effect to Negotiation

Priming works by using associations made in our subconscious, they are almost always unnoticeable to the subject.   Priming in negotiation and influencing can come in many shapes and forms. In this 3 minute video, I present two studies on the…

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