In these workshops, we have a number of case studies, guest speakers and real-life examples on specific topics, industries and functions. This is combined with negotiation best practices. Bestselling workshops include:


  • Advanced Negotiation for Procurement
  • Negotiation & Influencing in Healthcare
  • Gender Differences in Negotiation
  • Negotiating with Procurement
  • Persuasion & Negotiation for Technical Professionals


In combination with the live workshops, we offer a best-in-class set of pre and post workshop services (monthly videos, articles, webinars, …) to ensure a focus on implementation, a sustainable change in behavior and sharp increase in results.


We also partnered with other leading Professors such as Owen Darbishire from Oxford Said, Niro Sivanathan from London Business School, Suzanne de Janasz from IMD to deliver a 5-star premium product.


Customized case studies applicable to your business can also be developed. From Switzerland to the United States, CABL is an international educator.

All our workshops are available in English, French and Italian


Oxford Professor Owen Darbishire and Giuseppe Conti are co-teaching open-enrolment and tailor-made Masterclasses on:


  • Influence & Persuasion.
  • Strategic Negotiations


Further details available upon request.

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Negotiation & Influencing Resources

Applying the Priming Effect to Negotiation

Priming works by using associations made in our subconscious, they are almost always unnoticeable to the subject.   Priming in negotiation and influencing can come in many shapes and forms. In this 3 minute video, I present two studies on the…

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