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Online education is widely accepted and even preferred over the traditional system of education. It is stress-free and more impactful when professionally managed. Therefore, CABL, with our wealth of experience and record-breaking awards, has taken no exception in seizing the internet opportunity to create knowledge-packed online business workshops and add values to our far or near reaching students. Our online business workshops have been simplified and developed into different sections to provide solutions to many business negotiation challenges. We have our online business workshop rightly structured to proffer two main solutions which are subcategorized below:


These are brilliant online business workshops with engaging remote lectures through webinars. Our professional and cooperate tutorials are to expose some negotiation secrete. The lectures are segregated into six (6) elucidating topics as of the following:

  • Dealing with difficult people: You never would imagine the impediment difficult customers or clients could be for your business until you start and encounter them. Either you have started a business or not, CABL has this solution-based webinar packaged for you.
  • Managing internal and external negotiations: Communication is primal to the success of every business. Thus, Internal and external negotiation management skills will be a great plus to your company.
  • Negotiation with No alternative: This is an online business workshop training that leaves you with nothing but an influencing prowess to dominate any negotiation leaving your customers with no other choice.
  • Cross-cultural negotiation: How do you handle cross-cultural negotiation with clients? Don’t bother too much, our webinar covers for that.
  • Emotions and negotiations: Don’t ruin your business attaching emotion with negotiations; get some skills from us.
  • Negotiation in long-term business relationships: How do you secure business with clients or customers over a long period? Prayers? No, you have got to join in our CABL’s negotiation booster pack online workshops.


These are online business workshops available on our programs to engage our audience in a series of virtual workshops within two days. The online business workshops are divided into six interesting modules taking 2hours each. CABL online lectures are not without interactive role-plays between lecturer and student. This is to effect direct access to lectures and feedback. Check our six (6) sections available:

  • Preparation of negotiation in 20 minutes: This module engages you on the important things to focus on in your negotiation and round-off within 20 minutes while still achieving effective results.
  • Claiming Value: Clients pay for the value your company offers, so it is an excellent plus learning how to claim such values through negotiations and boost your price.
  • Creating Value: Your Negotiation with employers creates your value. There is a need to get the secret here.
  • Internal Negotiation: Do you communicate internally within your business environment? That precisely is the reason you need to get trained.
  • Creativity in negotiation: Creativity with clients during negotiation gives you a tremendous competitive advantage.
  • Good for them, great for Us: This lecture module is designed to help you satisfy your clients, at the same time, meet the interest of your company through negotiation. You can start now!

The award-winning CABL experience is now available also online.

We offer two solutions:

  • Negotiation Booster Pack, a remote learning solution based on 6 interactive webinars on the following topics:
    • Dealing with difficult people,
    • Managing internal and external negotiations,
    • Negotiating with no alternatives,
    • Cross-cultural negotiations,
    • Emotions and negotiation,
    • Negotiating in long-term business relationships
  • Virtual Leading Edge Negotiation; our award-winning workshop is now available online with interactive role-plays.
    The learning can take place during a two-day virtual program or as six sessions of two hours each, the six learning modules are:
    • Preparing a negotiation in 20 minutes
    • Claiming value
    • Creating value
    • Internal negotiations
    • Creativity in negotiation
    • Good for them, great for us

Contact us to learn more about these programs.

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