Below you will find a list of our Fundamental workshops that are available off-the-shelf that can be used by customers to progress from entry level to expert or to meet specific needs. All workshops last two days and are available in English, French and Italian.

All our workshops are available in English, French and Italian

Getting started with Negotiation

Fundamentals of Negotiations

This program offers the essential elements to strengthen your negotiation effectiveness. It is a two-day program. Multiple role plays, with video camera recording, are used to allow participants to apply the theory and get individual feedback.

An intermediate program

Leading Edge Negotiation

This is our best-selling program and has helped participants in different functions to learn a methodology, get the tools and have the confidence to sharply increase their negotiation results.

For experienced negotiators

Advanced Negotiation

This is an advanced negotiation program, aimed at experienced negotiators that want to move to the next level of excellence. The focus is on dealing with specific difficult situations, such as negotiating with no alternatives, dealing with difficult people, managing internal and external negotiations.

Two key skills in one workshop

Negotiation & Influencing

This workshop combines the key elements of an intermediate negotiation program (1.5 days) with an insight into influencing (0.5 days) to provide professionals with the key tools to manage internal and external negotiations.

A focus on practice

Negotiation Boot Camp

This workshop is fully focused on practice and behavioral feedback. Theoretical concepts are outlined as part of role play and video role play debriefs. It is also applicable for an audience with different skill levels.

Mastering influence

Influencing with Integrity

Influencing is a fundamental component of leadership. This program provides the tools and techniques to increase our capability to ethically influence all our stakeholders.

In combination with the live workshops, we offer a best-in-class set of pre and post workshop services (monthly videos, articles, webinars, …) to ensure a focus on implementation, a sustainable change in behavior and sharp increase in results.

“Excellent knowledge of the topic. Projected confidence and trust. Truly worth the time”

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Negotiation & Influencing Resources

Applying the Priming Effect to Negotiation

Priming works by using associations made in our subconscious, they are almost always unnoticeable to the subject.   Priming in negotiation and influencing can come in many shapes and forms. In this 3 minute video, I present two studies on the…

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