Little do people realize the impactful measures of having superb influence skills training in the business world that we live in today. This is what you won’t want to get enough of the grasps. It is a great way to improve or double your business profits margin through the acquisition of influencing and negotiation skills training. The negotiation training courses are very practical, engaging, and interactive sessions that will help you in the cooperate world. People with influencing skills have a competitive advantage of being able to create a proficient internal working environment among their staff.

A one-time negotiation skills workshop with Conti Advanced Business Learning (CABL) will not only accelerate your professional business negotiation skills; it can bring your business permanently to the limelight. There is an aspect of basic procurement training that has the potential to usher in a tremendous boost to your business within a few perfect and intriguing job negotiations with employers. All you have to do is to start straight away!


Wondering why you need to enroll in an influencing skills workshop or negotiation workshop? Aside from your zeal to see your business succeeding at all costs, engaging in CABL cooperate training courses will expose you to the world of the following advantages:

  • Identification of your present influencing and procurement negotiation skills with their weaknesses.
  • Exposure to greater and effective negotiation skills for better procurements of job deals
  • Helping to live an influencing lifestyle rather than managing human resources. You can create a desired team of staff by influencing their thought and faithfulness toward the company.
  • Ability to win higher price offers using the best negotiation training skills acquired.
  • Effective sustainer of cooperate and professional relationships with clients and customers. Your basic procurement training can be instrumental while having difficult negotiations with clients.


Right here on CABL, we have got many workshop offers for you to get engaged from the start to the mastering level, we operate in Switzerland and abroad. Let’s start from the basics:

  • Fundamentals of Negotiations: This influencing skills workshop is a two-day program to get you properly introduced to the fundamentals you need to strengthen your negotiations. It is interracial as there is an opportunity to give feedback on real-life applications of our theories. 
  • Leading Edge Negotiation: This is a negotiating skills course that teaches the application of methodology and tools in boosting confidence and getting improved negotiation results. 
  • Advanced Negotiation: At this higher level, experienced negotiators are taken on some specific difficult situations such as ‘Negotiating with no alternative,’ internal and external negotiation management, etc. 
  • Negotiation and Influencing Workshop: This is one of the cooperate training courses on CABL loaded with the combination of an intermediate negotiation program and provision of key tools to sustain internal and external negotiations. 
  • Negotiation Boot Camp: This influence skills training workshop is characterized by practice and behavioral feedback. 
  • Influencing with integrity: This is the CABL leadership workshop where you get equipped to influence business stakeholders using great influencing tools ethically.



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You want the award winning CABL experience…

You want the award winning CABL experience…

Fundamental Workshops


Fundamental workshops are available as “off-the-shelf” solutions that can be used by customers to progress from entry level to expert or to meet specific needs. All workshops last two days and are available in English, French and Italian.


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You have a niche area to work on…

Specialised Workshops


Specialised workshops include a number of case studies, guest speakers and real-life examples on specific topics, industries and functions. This is combined with negotiation best practices.



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You want it built your way…

Customized Workshops


Certain situations call for a customized approach to maximize the effectiveness of negotiations. Our negotiation experts can work with you to develop a customized solution to meet any negotiation requirement.



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The award winning CABL experience…

Online Education

We offer two solutions:
– Negotiation Booster Pack, a remote learning solution based on webinars
– Virtual Leading Edge Negotiation, our award-winning workshop is now available online with interactive role plays. The learning can take place during a two-day virtual program or as six sessions of two hours each

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Negotiation & Influencing Resources

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