Upcoming events

Most of our upcoming events and workshops are reserved for corporate customers or for MBA/EMBA students at leading Business Schools

Our upcoming open enrolment workshops/events:

  • Webinar: Negotiating With No Alternatives, November 25, 2019.
  • Leading Edge Negotiation- Starling Hotel, Geneva, 29-30 January, 2020.
    • The event is for business professionals who want to master:
      -Preparing properly for negotiations on limited time
      -Taking mental control of a negotiation
      -Communicating their confidence and expertise to internal and external parties
      -Selecting the right negotiation strategies or techniques to win a tough and complex negotiation
  • Masterclass: Strategic Negotiations– Geneva, 25-26 March 2020, with Oxford Prof. Owen Darbishire.
    • Two experts from the world’s best business schools will lead an exciting two-day Masterclass on the strategic negotiations skills that are necessary for business success.

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