As social animals, we can’t live without reliance on the support of others; most importantly, it is an integral part of our life to negotiate. However, while running a successful business, consultation is a crucial factor to put into consideration. Gathering from the experience of experts in certain fields will make you render unique services and amass outstanding achievements within a shorter period of business operation.

Negotiation consultation is one of the secrets upon which successful businesses are built in this modern world. If the power and skills of negotiation are adequately explored, the possibility of the business flourishing is on a high pedestal. Whether you are a small to medium-sized business in Switzerland or a multinational operating across continents, employing a 3rd party negotiation expert monitor and give valuable advice is both a cost-effective solution and one that can help you save or gain millions for your company in the medium-to-long term.

There are many aspects of your business where you will need good negotiation skills to scale through, such as in the aspects of sales and procurement negotiations, quick business negotiation, long-term business deals, internal and external negotiation, etc. At CABL, any problem relating to negotiations in your business is solved. We find pleasure in helping our customers to become more competent and confident negotiators, as well as influencers. Our negotiation consultation proficiency resulted from our previous years of experience, and this is evident in our award-winning records.


For your corporate business services, we have got some wonderful consulting services that will immensely help you grow and provide superb business negotiation experience for your business. Areas where you will need our negotiation consulting services include:

  • Negotiating in a single source supply 
  • Negotiating in the context of a long-term relationship 
  • Merger and  acquisitions 
  • Dealing with difficult people and situations 
  • Preparation of 20 minutes negotiations
  • Handling cross-cultural negotiations 
  • Accounting for gender differences in negotiation


Aside from considering that our negotiation and influencing theories are borne out of practices over the years, at CABL, we are always happy to start-up powerful and interactive consulting sessions with our customers across the globe. We make use of webinars in case of distance barrier. This same task has got us a lot of wonderful reviews from our customers. So, it is not new; we can get it done over and over again. Let’s list some reasons we are preferred to other negotiation consulting agencies:


  • There are professionals who manage your business challenges: At CABL, we have trusted and guaranteed teams that can handle any of your old or newly arising business challenges. We have done this before, and our teams are ready to work with you; you may just need to contact us now.
  • We specialize and upgrade our service qualities: All we aim is to see you flourish in your business. We can offer you with the latest and most useful negotiation skills that will greatly improve your business and boost your price margin.
  • Team coaching: CABL can help in developing your business supporting team and improve your internal and external negotiating skills. We can provide maximum support for your teams and make you have the best business moments so far. Jut start now.
We help our customers become more competent and confident negotiators and influencers



We support corporate customers in difficult negotiations.
Examples include:

  • Negotiating in a single source supply.
  • Negotiating in the context of a long-term relationship.
  • Merger & Acquisitions

Please Contact Us to explore this further.

Keynote speaking

Keynote speaking

We are delighted to offer interactive keynote talks in the area of Negotiation & Influencing
Our founder has extensive experience in the field and is a regular speaker/moderator/chairman at international conferences.
Recent topics include:

  • How to be more persuasive in your negotiations.
  • Preparing a negotiation in 20 minutes.
  • Dealing with difficult people and difficult situations.
  • Gender differences in negotiation.
  • Managing internal & external negotiations.
  • Cross-cultural negotiations.

For customers in other continents or with a geographically spread team, we can replace the talk with an interactive webinar.

Team coaching

Team coaching

We have expertise in supporting teams in managing some of the most crucial business challenges.
In particular, we specialize in upgrading the negotiation skills of Procurement teams immediately after a joint-venture or acquisition.
Do not hesitate to Contact Us to discuss how we can support you.

University of St Gallen MBA student

Brilliant course with real-life applications.

HEC Lausanne EMBA participant

Very hands-on and useful training with many tips and tricks. A very motivating professor. Made sure that we all participated through the evaluation through group work, preparation, and participation in class.

Saurabh Dawande
Senior Purchase Engineer, Tetra Pak

The workshop was excellent. Points covered were very close to my daily work & very useful for me to improve my performance. This is the best workshop I ever attended

Lu Ling
Controller, Merck

I really appreciated Giuseppe with the high empathy to create an inviting/safe/relaxing atmosphere to motivate the participation. Great pace with good combination of theory and practice with feedback. Triggers in-depth thoughts and helped me reflect on past experience and take lessons for the future

Volker Bargon
CPO Lonza AG

When attending Giuseppe’s negotiation workshop in St. Gallen for two days, Giuseppe reminded me on the best practices to prepare and conduct negotiations in order to close great deals. More importantly, I am impressed by the energy, passion, the great humor, Giuseppe infused into his MBA student group to make learnings stick. I rarely experienced…

Alberto Andolina
Senior Director Marketing & Strategy, Medtronic

Giuseppe’s workshop, “Influencing with integrity” was excellent!! The team enjoyed it deeply, a lot of personal awareness is now at hand and many more strategies available to power up our influential skills!! Thank you!

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