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Negotiating with Family and Friends in a Lockdown

Lockdowns across Europe and the world, we never thought of being in such a position. thus far, you may have never had to do business with friends or family, but chances are you will have to negotiate, now more than ever. It might be over

3 Social Pressures That Shape Our Decision Making

We're in the midst of a global epidemic. COVID19 is directly affecting millions of people, the markets are making immense turns and shifts to combat the impact the disease can make on our health and economy worldwide. We are seeing increased cases of panic buying

Applying the Priming Effect to Negotiation

  Priming works by using associations made in our subconscious, they are almost always unnoticeable to the subject. Priming in negotiation and influencing can come in many shapes and forms. In this 3 minute video, I present two studies on the priming effect as

9 Ways to Avoid a Negotiation Stalemate

Having navigated through countless negotiations in my professional career in Procurement, there are a number of go-to moves that I have picked up to catalyse the different stages of the deal I was working on. These tips work great in both single party negotiations or

Timing is an Artform in Negotiations

(written in collaboration with Dr. Suzanne de Janasz) Planning a trip to Italy to discover some Renaissance paintings? You better plan at least three months in advance if you want to see Leonardo's Last Supper in Milan, as there is a huge waiting list.  

Free Negotiation Pack

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This helper pack includes a wide variety of negotiation material and learning that gives you a taste of the many use cases and benefits to being a skilled negotiator in both the office and in your day-to-day lives.

Your negotiation pack includes:

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