Our history

Our founder, Giuseppe Conti, become a corporate trainer at Procter & Gamble in 1998, in parallel with his Procurement career. In 2006, he started teaching in the field of negotiation at the leading Business Schools in Europe (including 10 of the top 12 European Business Schools), while continuing to negotiate real-life deals with blue chip multinationals.

In 2014, Conti Advanced Business Learning (CABL) was created to also serve corporate clientele, and CABL quickly experienced spectacular growth. Leaders from multinational corporations and individuals from over 90 different countries have attended Giuseppe’s workshops on four different continents.

Giuseppe is now working with leading Business School Professors, in particular with Harvard Professor Francesca Gino, and highly experienced professionals to deliver on his passion for “real-life negotiation training that gets results”.

Do you know how to answer the question
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