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9 Ways to Avoid a Negotiation Stalemate

Having navigated through countless negotiations in my professional career in Procurement, there are a number of go-to moves that I have picked up to catalyse the different stages of the deal I was working on. These tips work great in both single party negotiations or multiparty negotiations as some are used to ease tension, encourage information sharing, develop rapport or simply to give a little push to get things moving. They are a little insight into what I teach in my workshops with Conti Advanced Business Learning. 1. Take a BreakTaking a break can give both parties the chance to deal with the emotional burdens of the discussion. It’s a


Timing is an Artform in Negotiations

(written in collaboration with Dr. Suzanne de Janasz) Planning a trip to Italy to discover some Renaissance paintings? You better plan at least three months in advance if you want to see Leonardo's Last Supper in Milan, as there is a huge waiting list.   What contributed to make this painting a masterpiece? Leonardo's technical mastery and innovative painting techniques are certainly key factors. There is an additional element that differentiates this painting from the many others that depict the Last Supper. Other artists chose to capture the moments during that night with the deepest religious significance, such as the blessing of the bread or the


Gandhi and the Power of Priming

As I just returned from an amazing trip to India, I would like to start with two general knowledge questions to you: Was Mahatma Gandhi older or younger than 30 when he passed away? How old was Mahatma Gandhi when he passed away?   Please answer these two questions before reading on. My guess is that most of you answered that he was older in the first question and estimated the age of Mahatma Gandhi to be between 40 and 60 when he passed away. Was I correct?   The fact of having a benchmark at age 30 most likely led you to estimate a lower

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