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Are you ticking off this checklist before you go out and negotiate with an external partner?

Our agendas are filled until mid-next year. We are re-evaluating budgets, in meetings all day, visiting plants, factories, headquarters and on top of that, during our lunch break, we need to make some last-minute reservations for the end of year break with our families. We are so preoccupied with internal commitments; we do not have the time to prepare properly before meeting with external partners with whom we have a long-term relationship.   In a roundtable discussion featuring 13 senior Sales and Procurement experts, we explored the must-dos for negotiators to successfully negotiate externally with partners and created a mini checklist for you to follow.  


Extracting Information From The Other Party

We try our best to be prepared before a negotiation: gathering information from suppliers, internal departments, potential alternatives, public resources are just among the few. Unfortunately, there still will be question marks and unknowns that need to be addressed to get into the agreement or rejection phase.   Here are a number of top questions I frequently receive from participants in my workshops with CABL when it comes to extracting precious information from the other party during a negotiation:   How can I create a positive climate in the negotiation that encourages the other party to share information?   The best way would be to signal collaboration by

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