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How To Keep The Supplier Love Alive

[vc_row content_placement="middle"][vc_column][vc_column_text]This article was originally published on Procurious, based on a roundtable organized by Conti Advanced Business Learning (, a Swiss training company that specializes in Negotiation & Influencing training.   Nobody said it was going to be easy. Building and, most importantly, maintaining good supplier relationships takes hard work, commitment and focus. And the longer they last, the more they require this careful nurturing to keep the love alive and the flame burning.   But what happens when one half of the partnership doesn’t hold up their end of the deal; taking advantage of a long-term contract or a presumed arrangement which has started to have a


Don’t Be A Sharks Breakfast: Post-Holiday Negotiation Tips

4 Quick Suggestions For Sales & Procurement Specialists Post-Holiday Negotiation Tips Vacation season’s over and before we have time to console our post-holiday blues we have to return to our daily work routines. Though we may be in positive spirits, our southern hemispheric partners have been waiting for us like sharks at dawn; when you’re working sales & procurement, business doesn’t stop. It’s a critical time, and the only negotiating you have been doing is choosing which hotel to stay in or what restaurant to dine in. You’ve delayed the re-negotiation of your supplier’s contract for far too long. To help ease you back in to

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