Negotiation Skills? Going Once, Going Twice…Gone!

[vc_row content_placement="middle"][vc_column][vc_column_text] Does the rise of eAuctions mean the professions’ hard-won negotiation skills are now irrelevant?   This article was originally published on Procurious, based on a roundtable organised by Conti Advanced Business Learning (, a Swiss training company that specializes in Negotiation & Influencing training.   Participants to the roundtable: Paul André, Thierry Blomet, Xinjian Carlier, Giuseppe Conti, Francesco Lucchetta, Orestes Peristeris, Laurence Pérot, Håkan Rubin, Alessandra Silvano, Tamara Taubert.   On Procurious, we’re keeping a close eye on the rise of procurement-related technology and what it means for roles and skill-sets across the profession. One such technology – the eAuction – has proven itself to be a highly efficient way of conducting a sourcing event and